Community Service

Academic Support Volunteer, Department of Audiology, Speech, and Language Therapy, University of Ghana, March 19-29, 2018; funding from the Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program and the University of Ghana. Dr. Ziegler assisted in building local capacity for clinical voice services in Ghana, instructed on voice disorders to first professionally trained SLT cohort pursuing a Master’s degree in speech and language therapy, provided clinical care to patients with voice disorders, organized clinical processes, conducted screening event for voice disorders, acted as an external examiner of student theses, and raised $1,800 for University of Ghana by GoFundMe campaign (

2018, Dr. Ziegler served as a committee member for the ASHA Convention Voice and Alaryngeal Communication Topic

2017, Dr. Ziegler served as an NIH Loan Repayment Program Ambassador

2017, Dr. Ziegler served as a judge for The Voice Foundation’s Annual Symposium Poster Presentation

2015, Dr. Ziegler served as a member of the Fall Voice Conference Scientific Advisory Committee