Our Public Health Role

Empowering the community through education, research, and clinical training opportunities.

Free Vocal Wellness Workshops

We offer tailored workshops designed to equip voice users with tools to keep the voice healthy. Groups that may benefit include educators, singers, choirs, actors, coaches, fitness instructors, directors, and choreographers.

Overview of  Workshops
  1. Free of charge and 30 minutes in duration
  2. Tailored to the needs and goals of participants
  3. Presented on location or via Google Meet videoconferencing
  4. Provided by a licensed, certified Speech-Language Pathologist
  5. Includes ample time for questions and answers
Topics for Workshops
  • Anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism
  • Common voice problems
  • Essential vocal wellness recommendations
  • Healthy speaking and singing voice
  • Gender affirming voice and communication
  • Voice and speech in neurological conditions

The Wellness Group offers several options for you or your organization to engage in education and training. ​Educational presentations, workshops, and training are customized to the occasion and designed to meet the needs and goals of participants. Education and training may include socratic teaching, examples and demonstrations, expert guidance and support, active learning strategies, discussion, as well as multimedia of video and audio recordings.

Speech therapy, voice therapy, and swallowing therapy for patients with Parkinson's disease

Group training is a cost-effective option that also builds communication through community. Schedule a 1-hour, ½-day, full day, or 2-day educational presentation, workshop, and training today. The Wellness Group provides education and training to community and LGBTQ+ centers, senior centers and retirement communities, professional organizations, small and large businesses, universities and high schools, choral groups, theater groups, worship leaders, and educators.

  • Online seminars on voice, speech, and swallowing disorders
  • Group workshops on speaking technique, singing effectively, and gender-affirming voice
  • Masterclasses for singers and professional speakers
  • Voice screenings for children and at-risk occupations such as teachers
  • Prevention planning for voice in occupational voice users
Voice and communication training for transgender and non-binary individuals. Group classes and private instruction available.

Research Development

As a cornerstone of evidence-based practice, The Wellness Group is involved in clinical research to better understand and manage voice disorders. Our ongoing clinical research projects include:

  • Identifying access issues for gender-affirming voice care
  • Determining efficacy and effectiveness of voice therapy
  • Understanding the role of improvisation in voice therapy

We also provide consulting services to assist people who are interested in conducting their own clinical research. Our clinical research consulting services include:

  1. Assistance with writing and editing winning grant proposals for intramural and extramural funding sources
  2. Guidance on planning and developing high-impact sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical research studies
  3. Support for setting up and successfully implementing sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical research studies
  4. Help with developing a data management plan and performing data analyses
  5. Aid in creating and editing scholarly products for disseminating research findings.
Aaron Ziegler and Jennifer Gill at Voice Disorder and Swallowing Disorder Research Conferences.

Selected Publications

A Ziegler, T Henke, J Wiedrick, LB Helou. Effectiveness of testosterone therapy for masculinizing voice in transgender patients: A meta-analytic review. International Journal of Transgenderism. 2018; 19(1): 25-45.

J Meehan-Atrash, T Korzun, A Ziegler. Cannabis inhalation and voice disorders: A systematic review. JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery. 2019; 145(10): 956-964.

MA Belsky, S Sandeep, SD Rothenberger, A Ziegler, et al. (In Press). Phonation Resistance Training Exercises (PhoRTE) with and without Expiratory Muscle Strength Training (EMST) for patients with presbyphonia: A non-inferiority, randomized clinical trial. Journal of Voice.

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Clinician Training

Confident Clinician Cooperative, LP is a member-to-member platform for online clinical training and support. Clinical training and support includes live, synchronous learning, on-demand, asynchronous learning, and online mentorship and coaching. The Confident Clinician Cooperative is composed of three private practice clinicians, Kristie Knickerbocker, Cara Bryan, and Aaron Ziegler from The Wellness Group. The Confident Clinician Cooperative Team is here for you in every aspect of your clinical practice.

Professional Recommendations

Dr. Ziegler presented on PhoRTE at Northwestern University in Evanston, which I attended. Dr. Ziegler is a compelling, approachable, and consummate clinician-researcher and presenter. His approach to imparting the implications, indications, theoretical foundations, and protocol for PhoRTE facilitated my understanding and confidence in presenting this treatment approach to my acute care SLP team. Dr. Ziegler has ample experience as a mentor and clinician for a spectrum of voice and swallowing disorders, and I will continue to look to him for guidance in evaluation and clinical decision making. On a personal note, Dr. Ziegler demonstrates a marked passion and understanding for culturally sensitive service provision across ethnoculturally diverse and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Ruchi Kapila, SLP

San Francisco, California

Jennifer is an exceptional clinician, with a passion for seeking evidence-based and inclusive treatment for her diverse clientele. I’ve been fortunate to learn from her extensive expertise, and find her approach to her treatment sessions and teachings as thoughtful, knowledgeable, and inspiring to both her clients and her colleagues.

Breanne Thornton-Collier, SLP

Portland, Oregon


a Workshop, Lecture, or Training

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