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We offer online and in person voice, speech, and swallowing therapy sessions for you. Our speech therapists provide you with exceptional support.

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We provide a safe, compassionate space for your therapy on voice, speech, and swallowing.

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We develop personalized habilitation and rehabilitation plans for you.

Our team supports clients across the lifespan from children to older adults and holds licenses in Oregon, California, Washington, and Idaho.

Dr. Ziegler is a trusted colleague and talented voice-specialized speech-language pathologist. He communicates exceptionally well and works seamlessly with patients and physicians to break down fragmentation of care and develop effective treatment plans that lead to favorable outcomes.

Michael M. Johns, MD

Director, USC Voice Center

Jennifer Gill is a gifted and intuitive clinician. She is able to connect with her clients in a truly respectful, professional and humble way. Jennifer comes to her practice with excellent experience in gender-affirming vocal coaching as well as professional vocal performance. Of clinicians I have worked with, Jennifer is remarkable for her ability to partner with individuals to provide evidence-based, skilled, functional and engaging therapeutic activities.

Melissa Fryer, SLP

Portland, Oregon

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